01. He broke his leg, and a [fragment] of bone was sticking out.
02. The little girl got [fragments] of glass in her eye when the windshield of the car was broken by a rock.
03. Grandma loves the Queen, and reads absolutely every little [fragment] of news about her.
04. Over the centuries, the Christian religion has [fragmented] into countless different churches, each with their own interpretation of the Bible.
05. The mechanic checked the filter for [fragments] of metal, which would indicate that the transmission was wearing out.
06. The bullet [fragments] on impact, sending bits of metal throughout the body.
07. Ralph Waldo Emerson once remarked that the wise man, the true friend, the finished character, we seek everywhere and only find in [fragments].
08. In April of 2005, a piece of a 31-year-old U.S. rocket body collided with a [fragment] from a more recently launched Chinese rocket stage about 530 miles above Earth.
09. Peanut butter meets federal safety standards if it contains no more than 210 insect [fragments] per 700 grams, which is equivalent to an average size jar of peanut butter.
10. The army is now using [fragmentation] bombs, which burst into tiny pieces upon explosion, spreading damage over a much wider area than conventional bombs.
11. The collapse of communism resulted in the [fragmentation] of the former Soviet Union.
12. Emile Durkheim maintained that because science is [fragmentary] and incomplete, advancing too slowly for impatient people, religion will continue to have an important explanatory role.
13. The young boy got a [fragment] of metal lodged in his head after falling from the second floor while playing at a construction site.
14. There is obviously not a single [fragment] of truth in the accused murderer's story.
15. They found some [fragments] of pottery believed to be over a thousand years old at the site.
16. A young woman unearthed a number of bone [fragments] of some kind of dinosaur while digging in the desert north of here.
17. Sand consists primarily of [fragments] of rocks.
18. [Fragments] of Buddhist statues dating back to the 8th century have been found in Laos.
19. David Suzuki has observed that communications and telecommunications [fragment] information, so we no longer recognize the interconnection of everything in the world.
20. Across the panda's range, habitat is [fragmented] into more than 20 isolated patches.
21. David Suzuki has remarked that science can only provide tiny [fragmented] insights into the natural world.
22. Over time, through weathering, rock is broken into smaller [fragments].
23. All that survives of the music of Ancient Greece are about 40 complete pieces or [fragments] of songs.
24. The [fragmentation] of old-growth forest breeding habitat has put various bird species in danger of extinction.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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